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WEEK 68: 1/13-1/19

1/13: CHEST (and delts)

1. SS* Bench / Seated Plate Lateral Raise

NOTE: I grab the plates in the middle hole, and keep them flat as I raise them.

2. SS* DB Incline Press / DB Incline Front Raise

 NOTE: Stay leaning back on the incline for the front raise.  You will obviously need lighter weights for those.

3. SS* Seated Incline Cable Crossbody Fly / Sitting Low to High Fly 

NOTE: For the Cross-body Flys, cross both hands over teacher.  Each rep, switch which hand is on the top. You have greater range of motion crossing each other.  Then just sit up without your back agains the bench and just fly low to high for another 8-10.

4. TS* Seated Incline DB Lateral Raise / Standing Lateral Raise / Band Pulsing Laterals Raise

NOTE: Seated incline lateral raise, is like doing a behind your back lateral raise, except you are seated on an incline bench.  Start light.  Then keep the same weight and do lateral raises stand, which should be easier, which is why you do not need to drop the weight.  Then obviously my favorite finisher, resistance band pulsing laterals.  Get a heavy enough one that you really can get to the top.

5. Flat Cable Flys or Pec Dec / Push-ups

NOTE: “Flat” meaning even with your chest.  I move the pulleys so they are just about chest height and not higher than shoulders.


1/14: BACK

1. SS* Bentover DB Rows (exaggerate the stretch) / Bentover DB Reverse Fly

2. Wide T-Bar Row

NOTE: use 25’s or 10’s so that you are just stripping a plate off and repping to failure.  Do 3 drops on the last set.

3. SS* Underhand  Lat Pulldown / Wide Behind the Neck Pulldown (sit backwards)

NOTE: Each rep HOLD for 1-2 count for both exercises.

4. Seated Cable Row (neutral medium grip)

5. SS* Incline Facing Wide Row (elbows wide ) / Incline Facing DB Row (elbows back)

NOTE: Wide Row is more for rear delts and trap, and elbow back row is more more lats and mid back


1/15: LEGS (quad focus)

1. BB Front Squat

2. SS* Single Leg Extension / Single Leg Press

NOTE: if you can not set these together, its okay.  Just do the extension first.

3. Sumo Leg Press  (or DB Sumo Squat)

4. Front Rack Lunge Lunge Squat

 NOTES: The Front Rack can be a barbell, DB held at shoulders, or I held a medicine ball 20-30lb medicine ball

5. Leg Extensions

NOTE: pick a weight that you can get about 15


1/16: DELTS

1. SS* DB Incline Facing Butterfly Raise / DB Incline Facing Lateral Raise

NOTE: Lying chest down on incline bench, perform butterfly stroke motion with arm using very light weight. Lateral raise, you stay with chest supported on incline and perform lateral raise.

2. SS* Seated Alternating DB Shoulder Press / Bus Driver Plate Front Raise

NOTE: For the Alternating Shoulder Press, one arm will stay down, while the other one press up and down.  When the working arm gets back down to your shoulder, other arm presses.  Alternate back and forth.  Do about 6 reps alternating and then 5-8 more together (or till you can't do any more)

NOTE: For the Bus Driver, you can do then however you want.  I am actually going to go potty light and turn the plate right and left continuously as I go up and down into a plate raise.  You could just do a front raise and at the top turn one way, then next rep turn other way. OR you could do front raise and turn both ways and then go down. Doesn’t matter just add some turns

3. TS* DB Seated Incline Lateral Raise / Standing Lateral Raise / DB Upright Row

NOTE: DB incline Lateral, you will be seated on bench normal with back against pad, perform lateral raise.  Start light because these will be super strict. Aim for about 8-10 reps, but go to failure, then stand up and perform regular DB Laterals Raise using the same weight to failure. Then Right into DB Up right Row

4. SS* Seated Bent-over DB Rear Fly / Leaning Back CAble Lat Pulldown

NOTE: Just bring a pair of dumbbells over to lat pulldown and sit backward to do the bent over rear fly. For the Pulldown to hit more rear delts, lean back, keep elbow out wide and pull towards you collar bone.

5. Leaning Cable (between legs) Single Arm Lateral Raise

6. Sitting on Ground Strict Shoulder Press (DB or Smith machine)


1/17: ARMS/ABS

1. SS* Cable Pushdown (elbows out) / Cable Reverse Grip Extension

NOTE: I use two handles so that my wrist can rotate on reverse grip. Push downs with elbows out works lateral head. Reverse grip works that underneath medial head

2. SS* Cable Rope Hammer Curl (pronate) / Cable Rope Curl (supinate)


3. SS* Close Grip Bench / Reverse Grip Chin or pulldown

4. SS* DB or EZ Incline Overhead Extension /  DB or EZ Spider Curl

NOTE: by laying on a incline you, you can keep your elbows in front of your body to hit the long head.  Sitting up they flare.

5. SS* Bent-over Cable Kickback (palms back) / Alternating Cross Body Cable Curl 

NOTES: palms back hits medial bicep head, cross body hits long bicep head

6. ABS: 30 sec ON / 15 sec OFF  for 2-3 rounds


1/18: LEGS (hams/glutes)

1. Leg Curls

2. Reverse Hack Squat (or Vertical Leg Press or Leg Press feet high)

NOTE: For the 50 rep drop set, you start with the weight that you did the last set of 10 with, go until you can’t do anymore, then strip 1 plate from each side. Then knock out more reps till failure, drop….If you get down to 1 plate on each side, don't take any off and just rest/pause till you get all 50

3. SS* DB Stiff Leg Deads / Band Resistance Reverse Hypers

NOTE: Use a resistance band and wrap it over your head and across the back of the shoulders.  Do as many reps as you can then take the resistance band off and do as many as you can with just your body weight.  Focus n really squeezing your butt to initiate the movement. 

4. Barbell Hip Thrust / Banded Glute Bridge (with 3 pulses)

NOTE: you do 3 pulses at the top of each rep for the glute bridge 

5. TS* Rope Glute Cable Pull-Through / Cable Wide Stance Squat / Sumo Pulsing Squats

NOTE: Glute Cable Pull-Through: Using Rope and pulley at the lowest position.  Take a couple steps out with your back facing the cable and the rope pulled through your legs. Hinge at the hips, and let the top pull your hands back through your legs.  Contract your gluten and hamstrings and pull the rope back through your legs like a RDL.  This exercise you can really get a good stretch.  Each time I focus on trying to stretch even further.

Cable Wide Stance Squat: Keep Cable at the lowest position, take couple steps back to get enough tension, perform wide stance squats.  The cable will want to pull you forward, so step back on your heel and keep your chest up.


1/19: HIIT Circuits

Warmup: 5 min assault bike (or rower or treadmill)

Part #1: “Dana Brooke WOD 2.0”

 3 Rounds:

Part #2: 15 MIN AMRAP

Part #3: Finish with a 1 mile run at (65-70% effort)