This means we will no longer be posting new content to Don’t worry, we have already migrated all users and ALL content to the new DLB Daily App, and that’s where you’ll have access from now on!

When is this happening?

The week of Oct 25th we will begin the move off of the website to the new app. Same workouts, same content, but now all available on an awesome mobile experience with more functionality, easier login, better account management, and some cool new features.

Is the website going away? Will we continue to post workouts?

We will keep running the website as normal for the next 30-60 days as we ensure you have a successful migration to the app. You’ll be notified throughout the transition, with plenty of notice before we stop posting to the site!

Will I have to pay again?

NO... Your subscription will shift automatically from the website to the app at the same price. You’ll simply log in to the app with the email associated with the DLB to unlock it. You’ll be grandfathered into the existing price for life!

How will I access the app?

We’ll provide direction on the website at launch day and send you a series of emails to make sure you get set up. We will be on call 24/7 the week of the migrations!

What if I have an issue?

The team is here for you 24/7 to ensure a smooth transition!

Will this be awesome?

Yes! I am beyond excited to be finally upgrading the DLB Daily experience. Some of you have been waiting for this phase in our journey for a long time! We appreciate everyone’s continued support and we aim to make this a smooth and painless transition. See you guys in-App!!