We moved to the app, but your subscription has not changed

The website experience and all the content has been moved to the new app as of Tuesday, November 16th I’m so excited to be on an app with an incredible user experience for more info on that below! - I talk about it more below.

Please take a few minutes to read all the guidance below to make sure you get set up successfully!

What happens to my membership?

  • The DLB Daily app is now hosted on a platform called Playbook. There are instructions below on how to get you set up.
  • Your pricing stays the same, there is no additional charge — just a name change on your billing!
  • From now on, you'll see Playbook Technologies on your bank statement instead of DLB DAILY.


You have to follow these exact steps to access the app (otherwise you risk having two subscriptions):

  1. Grab the email you used to login to the DLB website
  2. You must download the app using this link here
  3. Log in with the EXACT email address you use to log in to DanaLinnBailey.com (Do not login with another email, Facebook, or Apple or you will be asked to pay again!)
  4. After you confirm your email and log in, you’ll be directed to the new home of DLB Daily! If for some reason you’re not, go to what search bar? in the app? If yes say... go to the search bar in the app and type in "Dana Lynn Bailey" to locate my workouts.


Support will be on call 24/7 to make sure you get setup successfully. If you have any issues, please email support@playbookapp.io


If at any point in time, you want to adjust your membership, you will go here or inside the settings on the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to pay again?

Your subscription was migrated from DanaLinnBailey.com website to Playbook. Your subscription will continue to renew on the same date it always has at the same rate.

Nothing will change except you’ll need the new app to access the content and your billing statement will show PLAYBOOK going forward instead of DLB Daily.

What is Playbook?

Playbook is the world’s highest rated fitness platform that lets people like me create and share their workouts from their phone.

We’ve searched high and low for an app that would allow us to continue delivering DLB Daily like we always have, but in a much more user-friendly and accessible way.

ALL of our content from the site is moving over to the app and it looks amazing. It’s easy to use, easy to find videos, and even easier to access DLB Daily on and offline.

Other features:

  • Stream to all your devices
  • Message me through the app
  • Download workouts
  • Check off completed workouts
  • Share your progress

I noticed Can I upgrade my subscription?

Your current subscription gives you access to me and all the content you know and love from DanaLinnBailey.com.

Within the app, you’ll now be able to upgrade from a monthly to annual subscription of JUST my content, OR you can upgrade to full platform access if you’d like. Full platform access opens up the entire Playbook app so you can view content from hundreds of other trainers, yogis, and athletes.

Your subscription price that migrated from the site will be guaranteed for life until you upgrade to one of the other options.

  • Monthly access (just me) is $7/mo
  • Yearly access (just me) is $70/yr
  • Full platform monthly access is $15/mo
  • Full platform yearly access $100/yr

What is happening to the DLB Daily website?

Your subscription renews every 30 days and you will lose access to the website at your next renewal date. This gives you plenty of time to download the app and get switched over! We’ll continue posting DLB Daily in both places but only for a limited time.

If you have any issues, we’re here to help! Email us at support@playbookapp.io

I had a billing failure

If there are any issues with your account due to a billing failure, log into to update your credit card info: https://my.playbookapp.io/login

Cancellations and refunds

If you want to cancel your subscription or receive a refund, please contact support@playbookapp.io