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My Supplement Stack


(based on a perfect day, which we all wish for)

6:45am - DTE Fat Burner - (this is not a magic pill, I take it because it enhances my cardio experience.  It elevates my heart rate, solid energy and I sweat much more.)

7:00am - CARDIO (4-5 days a week for about 30 mins of steady state)

11:00am - ONWARD (I take this at work for focus and energy)

5:00pm - STW / EWP White (Pre-workout)  

* I do not take STW on leg days, just EWP white.  EWP Black is too strong for me!

5:30-7:00 - TRAIN

7:15 - VEGAN PRO / CRE Post-Workout Shake  (1 scoop each)

10:00pm - REM (not something I take every day, but when I want to sleep right away)