Free DLB Daily Workout - Shoulders

Free DLB Daily Workout - Shoulders


I always get the most questions on my shoulder training. So I thought I would share with you what a typical shoulder day looks like for me. VOLUME!!!! I like to do a ton of volume, compounds sets, and I like to keep my rest periods relatively short for the amount of work you are doing.  I like to get my heart rate up and I like to keep it up the entire time.  So work hard, work fast, and CHALLENGE yourself!!!  Enjoy!!


REPS: 50/40/30/20/10 drop 10/ 10 drop 10

This has been one of my favorite ways to do laterals raises recently.  Yes, if you add those numbers up, you are doing a total of 180 reps of lateral raises.  I like to put it at the start of my workout, because its a great way to warm up, and by the time you are to the 40 rep set, you already have a massive pump going. But this also works great as a finisher too.

HOW TO: The first set is 50 reps.  So pick a light weight, BUT pick a weight that will actually challenge you! If you get all 50 reps in a row, then you went to light. I start usually around 15lb. I can usually get 30 in a row, then the last 20, I do about 5 reps, pause without dropping the weight, then do another 5, pause…until you get all 50.  

REST: between 60-90 seconds.

Next set is then 40 reps.  As the reps go down, you SHOULD be adding between 5-10lbs with each set.

The last two sets have drop sets.  So you preform 10 reps at whatever weight you ended up at, then drop your weight about 40-50% and perform 10 more.  On the last drop set, if you can try to add another 5lbs and then again drop the weight by about 40-50% and finish out your laterals!

Variation: Lateral Raise machine

REPS: 5 SETS x 10-12 Reps

    This is a tri-set and should be preformed with little to no break in between each exercise.  There are 5 sets of this tri-set.  Again there are a ton of different variation you can do, so every week try to switch it up. I give you a rep range of 10-12, so I try to aim for a weight that I fail around 10 reps.  If you are getting less than 8, its a little heavy (remember we are going for volume today) and if you can do more get to 12 and do more…Then put some freakin weight on the bar.

    • Standing BB Shoulder Press  
      -or- (DB shoulder press, machine shoulder press)
    • Plate Front Raise 
      -or- (DB raise, BB Raise, Cable Straight Bar Front Raise)
    • Decline Push-Up to failure

    REST: between 60-90 seconds


    REPS: 5 SETS x 10-12 Reps

    • Pendlay Row  (barbell or dumbbell)
    • Seated DB Reverses Fly (pec dec reverse fly, reverse cable fly)

    So the most important tip for this compound set would be preforming the pendlay rows correctly.  This is NOT a barbell row.  The Pendlay row starts with the barbell on the floor, and the move is completed with a flat back as you pull the barbell to your chest. With a wider than shoulder width grip, bend knees slightly and hinge at hips so that your chest is horizontal with the floor.  Keep your elbows flared and row barbell to your chest. Again work your way up to a weight that you would be failing around 10 reps. 

    REST: 60-90 sec between each full set


     REPS: 4 SETS x 20 Reps (10 each arm)

    • Barbell Front Raise
    • Barbell Upright Row

    This is a great little combination that to blast your entire shoulder and traps.  Alternating back and forth between straight bar front raise and straight bar up right row.  I do about a shoulder width grip, which feels comfortable (for me) for completing both the front raise and upright row.  If you watch the video, you will notice on my upright row, I pull very high. I do this to incorporate a little more trap activation.  But do what feels comfortable to you.

    REST: 60 sec between each full set

    Variation: These can also be done using Dumbbells 

    REPS: 4 x 20 (alternating/10 each) 

    This is a great little shoulder finisher that incorporates your legs and core and also will leave you breathing heavy.  I preformed mine alternating back and forth.  However, you can also choose how you do the reps, maybe you do 5 at a time and switch to the other side instead of switch hands every time. 

    Start with the dumbbell between your feet in a squat position. Jump straight up and fully extend body during the shrug (or upright row).  Keep the dumbbell close to your body. Catch dumbbell at shoulders and preform quarter squat to initiate the press movement.

    With each set I try to add 5-10lbs.  I want the weight heavy enough that I need to use my legs to get the push press over my head. Challenge yourself!!  This is the finale so give it all you got!!!

    Variations: Barbell Thrusters, Barbell Clean & Press, or DB snatches


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