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Ascending/Descending Set: 10-1, 1-10

  • Spiderman Push Up
  • V-Up

NOTE: pick on exercise to start at 10 reps, and the other start at 1 rep.  Next set will be 9, 2. After that 8,3.....all the way until you flipflop to 1, 10.

Block 1: 3 Circuits 15 reps each

  • Single Leg Deadlift (touch the ground with hands) (15 reps per leg) 
  • Glute Bridge Pause Reps (3 second pause at top of each rep) 
  • Knees to Squat + Stand Up
  • Inverted Row (use kitchen table prop your feet on something low and use underhand grip)

Mobility: 90 second hold

  • Deep Squat (push knees out gently with hands )

Block 2: 3 Circuits 15 reps each

  • Nurpee Tuck Jump
  • Split Stance Lunge Press (use paint cans, gallons or similar to press overhead)
  • Hollow Body Roll (alternating)
  • Elevated Pike Shoulder Push-up (feet on couch and in a pike)
  • Hollow Body Knee Tucks 

Mobility: 90 second hold

  • Deep Squat (push knees out gently with hands )

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