The DLB Daily community is full of so many inspiring stories and transformations. It's more than just my daily workouts... it's about actually creating long lasting healthy changes, physically and mentally! So many amazing members in our community have transformed their lives with the help of DLB Daily, so I wanted to celebrate those victories and share them with you. Here are just a few of their stories...



Summer's Story

I took control of my health 2 years ago. I was at my absolute lowest point, weighing 347lbs! My diet was garbage, I was in a toxic/abusive relationship - Not in a good place mentally, physically, or emotionally. I started out by fixing what I was feeding my body, then adding exercise (mainly cardio at the time). I came across some fitness/bodybuilding accounts on Instagram (Dana being one of them), which inspired me to lift weights. It became more about getting stronger, instead of focusing on a number on the scale. I eventually signed up for DLB Daily & became more comfortable in the gym. Showing up with confidence made a huge difference in my workouts. I set a personal record for my deadlift (275lbs) during covid with a weight bench in my living room (lol, dead serious - I kicked out my toxic boyfriend & replaced him with some iron haha!). I am now focused on hitting 300lbs on my deadlift, that is my next goal. With the help of DLB's workouts, I see it happening very soon! ...Thank you for the inspiration! 

If you enjoy working out or have any sort of fitness goals - DLB Daily is a great tool to have in your pocket... literally. 

Favorite Thing About DLB Daily

At the gym I love the convenience of knowing exactly what I'm working on before going in, instead of trying to piece workouts together myself (most days I floated around the gym, using whatever machine I felt like that day). Currently my favorite thing is the dumbbell only workouts. With the world going mad right now (& gyms closing), they've been a life saver!!


Favorite Training Day




Jessica's Story

At my highest weight I was 215 lbs. I started the wrong kind of diet and cardio and lost a lot only to quickly gain it back. I was always scared of lifting with fear of looking manly until I found DLB Daily. Now, it literally starts each day for me! I love finding new muscles and the variation of workouts are never boring! Now I look and feel better than I ever have! I've had a huge transformation already and still have much further to go! I cant wait to see more and more definition and strength!

DLB Daily is easy to follow and most definitely works!

Favorite Thing About DLB Daily

There is never a dull moment and the soreness, WHOA! That means it’s working and it’s working all different areas and not just your normal movements! 

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Ryan's Story

After I stopped playing sports and was no longer on a workout plan, I honestly just enjoyed life and put on some weight. When I started to coach my kids in sports I realized very quickly how bad I was. After I found this DLB Daily I enjoyed the gym again. I went from 245 to 185 in about 7 months. I finally feel like I should and I don’t have to be that coach that tells kids how to do something, I show them.

It’s a full body program that will push you beyond what you thought was possible.

Favorite Thing About DLB Daily

There are exercises and movements that blow my mind weekly.

Favorite Training Day



Jordan's Story

Post parturm it’s hard to bounce back, or even feel motivated to get anything done. DLB Daily gave me the tools to not only get my butt to the gym, but keep after it. It's easy to do when you have a program at your fingertips.


It’s easy to use, and cost effective.

Favorite Thing About DLB Daily

The programming!

Favorite Training Day


You will have access into my ACTUAL daily training. These will be my exact workouts that I am doing, with exercise, sets, reps & notes. Workouts will be updated daily and kept up for 2 days. That way, if you miss the previous workout, you won't fall too far behind. Life happens and sometimes you miss a day at the gym, don’t worry you can always make it up!!

Full access to the Exercise Video Library which will show you exactly how I perform each and every exercise. Use my workouts as a guide. If you do not have a piece of equipment or you do not like doing a certain exercise, you can come here and find a variation.

Along with the exclusive content of workouts, tips, dieting info, livestreams, q&a's, and'll also be part of the community. You'll gain access to our member's only facebook group where you can ask questions, find motivation, and share your progress! I wanted to start this site to build a community where everyone feels welcomed. My workouts aren't just for girls or guys, they aren't just for bodybuilder or powerlifters, they are for everyone. I often change my style and workouts for keep things exciting and new. I'll be following the #DLBDaily and responding and keeping an eye on you guys.

I'm really excited to be starting this journey with you all, with all of your participation I'm pumped to see where this grows to!



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