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#DLBdaily Dumbbell ONLY Workouts

This is a new week of workouts for the Dumbbell Only training. Starting on 6/22 - 7/5.  You will be using this for the next two weeks.  Write down your weights, so that you can either match the week prior or go a little bit heavier.


DAY 1: CHACK (chest/back)

1. SS* Wide Grip Pullup (or pulldown if you have a lat pull) / DB Bench Press (3 sec negative)

NOTE: Use a band for assistance if you are unable to get 10-12 pull-ups

2. SS* Flat (Floor or Bench) Cable Fly / Push-up on DB / Seated Bent-Over Pendlay Row

NOTE: Elbows high and wide up for bent-over penally row, pulling up towards your shoulders

3. SS* DB Incline Press / Incline DB Low Row

NOTE: Incline DB Low Row, you just lie chest down on incline and Row Db back towards hips.

4. DB Pullover / Decline DB Underhand Press

NOTE: If like me, you do not have a decline bench, if you have a flat bench, stick a couple plates underneath the bottom  to angle you down. OR, you can perform them on the ground in a glute bridge.

5. SS* Close Grip Underhand Pull-up (or V-bar pull-down) / Dips

NOTE: Use a band for assistance if you are unable to get 10-12 pull-ups


DAY 2: BELTS (back/delts) 

1. Seated Bentover Reverse DB Fly / Seated DB W Raise

NOTE: W-raise, arms come up to make a w- with the arms.  Hands will be above elbows, elbows pointed down. Your thumbs point back behind young try to rotate shoulder back as much as you can.

2. SS* Seated DB Arnold Press (3 sec negative) / Seated DB  Alternating Low Row

NOTE: DB Arnold Press, 1 sec concentric (up), and then 3 sec eccentric (down)…more time under tension so it will make the weight harder.

3. Barbell or DB DEAD ROW / Barbell or DB Upright Row

NOTE: Barbell or DB Dead Row, you will start with barbell or DB on the ground, perform a dead lift, when DB or Barbell gets to you knees you will Row it back, instead of standing up. Its big explosive row!!

4. Lateral Raise Dropset / Resistance Band Laterals / Close Grip or Underhand Pull-up (or Pulldown if yo have one)



1. DB Lateral Lunge Slide Outs / DB Lunge Slide Backs

NOTE: On the Lateral lunge slide outs and the lunge slide back, find a wood or smooth tile floor in your house.  The working leg stays stationary, while the other leg slides out to the side for the lateral slide outs, and slide back for lunge slide backs.  Working leg just bends as other foot slides.

2. SS* KB or DB Goblet Squat / Elevated KB or DB Sumo Deadlift

3. SS* DB Stiff Leg Deads / DB Lying Leg Curl (on bench or floor)

4. Bulgarian KB or DB Swap

NOTE: For each rep, you will go down and hold an isometric bulgarian squat.  While at the bottom the kettlebell or dumbbell is in the opposite hand of the working leg. For each rep, it will be passed under the leg, then over the leg and back into the hand it started in, then you extend up.  Thats 1 rep.

5. SS* DB Squat Walks + Squats / DB Glute Bridge (Pulsing hip abduction if you have a booty band)

NOTE: If you have a hip circle or booty band, I would use it for both these exercise to really burn the glutes.  Hold the DB like a goblet squat for the Squat Walk. Stay in a squat and step forward, and for every 5 steps you will do 5 squats.  untill you get to 20

For the DB Glute Bridge, put your heel up on a bench, place DB in you lap, and if you have a hip circle or booty band add the pulsing Abductions



1.  DB Clean & Press

NOTE: think of it in two movements, upright row to a shoulder press.  Then I just reverse the movement on the way back down

2. Half Kneeling DB or KB Shoulder press to Windmill press

NOTE: Watch this for the Windmill portion

You will add a shoulder press on each rep.  So press the dumbbell up, then reach down, keeping eyes on dumbbell, reach down touch palm to the ground, then back up.  As you come back you will slowly lower dumbbell back to shoulder.

3. Front Raise to Lateral Raise Combo

NOTE: 1 rep = front to lateral then lateral to front.

4. Seated Bent-over DB Reverse Fly / Seated Bent-over Shoulder Extension (Skiers)

NOTE: The shoulder extensions (Skiers) arms will fly backward, sorta like a straight arm kickback…elbow stay locked out. Palms can be forward or facing in, whatever you perfer.

5. Lateral Raise to Upright Combo

NOTE: 1 rep = lateral raise and upright


DAY 5: CHARMS (chest/arms/abs)

1. DB Flat Bench Press (internal rotation)

NOTE: Start out wide like a normal bench press, dumbbells perpendicular to your body palms facing feet.  As you press up, you will internal rotate so that palms are facing each other at the top. Then as you come back down, externally rotate so you are back to that wide position

2. Single Arm Floor Press

NOTE: Come to midline of the body on each rep.

3. SS* Incline DB Hex Press (Squeeze Press) / Close Grip Push-Up (elbows back)

NOTE: Close grip push-up keep elbows close to your body, don't let them go wide.I just put a couple plates under my flat bench to make it incline.

4. SS* Bodyweight Leaning Skull Crusher / DB Wide W-Curl

NOTE: BW Skull Cruser: Place bar on the squat rack (or use side of bench, bar, or even dumbbell rack) and push it against the back stop. Grab the bar just inside shoulder width. Step both feet back so body is at 60 degree angle.  Keep body straight but bend at the elbows and lower your head below the bar.  then push yourself back up locking your arms out.

5. Alternating DB Hammer Curl to Regular Bicep Curl

NOTE: Alternate at the top of contraction…so up in hammer, down in regular, up in regular, down in hammer, up in hammer…..etc

1 rep = is normal rep (up and down)

6. ABS: 3 Rounds



1.  SS* DB Shoulder Squat (DB on top pf shoulders) / Jumping Wide to Narrow Squats

2. SS* Single Leg Romanian Deadlift / Single Leg Assisted Pistol Squat

3. Alternating DB or KB  Sumo Squat  into DB Goblet Squat

NOTE: Sumo squat dumbbell or Kettle touches the ground. as you come up, flip the dumbbell or kettle up under your chin, then do a goblet squat.  When you get to the top drop it back down to touch the ground for the sumo…..etc

4. SS* Single Leg Step Up (NO Push Off) / Jumping Bulgarian Squats

NOTE: Step up on a bench or chair.  Main way not to have any push off is to have the top of your foot on the ground.  If your on your toe, no matter how hard you try you prob will push off a little. Keep the top of your foot flat on the ground.

5. GS* Booty Blaster:

Alternating Fire Hydrant to Glute Kickback

Glute Bridge with 3 Pulsing Knee Abduction on each rep

Frog Reverse Hypers

NOTE: Im using our RunEverything Labs workouts Band, you can do these with out a band.  Band just adds more resistance for your glutes



Ascending/Descending Set: 10-1, 1-10

NOTE: Ascending Descending sets, you pick one exercise to start at 10 reps and the other starts at 1 rep.   I usually pick the one that is harder to start at 10.  Then next round you do 9 reps and 2 reps.  Next round is 8 reps and 3 reps…..and alll the up and down till you end at 1 rep and 10 reps.

AMRAP: 16 mins

5 Rounds: TIMED