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#DLBdaily Dumbbell ONLY Workouts

Sorry I forgot to update this Monday. This is a new week of workouts for the Dumbbell Only training. Starting on 10/5 - 10/25.  You will be using this for the next two weeks.  Write down your weights, so that you can either match the week prior or go a little bit heavier.


DAY 1: CHEST (hint of delts)

1. SS* Seated Underhand Fly / Decline Push-Up

2. SS* Incline Close Grip Squeeze Press(3 sec eccentric)

NOTE: 3 sec eccentric is you just lower slowly for a 3 second count (3 mississippi’s) and then a 1 sec concentric, which is up fast

3. Alternating Single Arm Flat Bench Rotational Press

4. SS* DB Floor Fly / Wide Push-ups

5. Front Raise to Lateral Raise Combo


DAY 2: BACK (Dumbbell/Pullup Bar Only)

WARM-UP: Resistance Band Straight Arm Pulldown / Resistance Band Pull-Aparts

1. SS* Wide Grip Pull-Up / DB Pullover

2. SS* Alternating DB or KB Gorilla Row / Invert Bodyweight Row (overhand and wide grip)

NOTE: Gorilla Row  you can watch this:

For the Inverted Row, you can use a kitchen table, depending on how much you weight a broomstick or some kind of pole between two chairs, or if you have a barbell and rack, obviously the easiest choice.  To make it harder, prop your feet up so a bench or stool so you would be pulling more weight

3. SS* Bent-over Dual DB Low Row (pull to hip)  / DB High Pull

NOTE: For the Bentover Low Row, elbows come back and you are pulling towards your hip crease.  And the High Pull, similar to an upright row, except at the top the weight will be higher than your elbow.  In an upright row, your elbows are higher then the weight.

4. Underhand or Close Grip Pull-up / Invert Bodyweight Row (underhand and close grip)

5. SS* DB Bentover Reverse Fly / DB Pendlay Row

NOTE: If you have an incline bench and would rather do these on that, go for it!  The Pendlay Row will just be a high/wide row to hit traps, upper back and rear delts.

DAY 3: LEGS (Dumbbell ONLY)

1. DB Reverse Lunge Lunge Squat

NOTE: 1 rep equals: right lunge, left lunge, squat….

I hold dumbbells at my sides for the reverse lunges and then I Clean them up to my shoulders for the squat, then back down for lunges again

2. SS* DB Sumo Squat / Jumping Sumo squat  + Pulse Squat

NOTES: I am using two dumbbells for the Sumo Squat because I don’t have heavy dumbbells.

The jumping sumo, use only one dumbbell and hold in goblet. Start in a squat, jump up as high as you can using your arms to swing back, land back into a squat and pulse 2 times, then jump up again,

3. SS* DB Single Leg Deadlift / Single Leg Step Up (No Push OFF)

NOTE: Step up does not have to be very high, I use two rubber plates. You could use a short step. Main way not to have any push off is to have the top of your foot on the ground.  If your on your toe, no matter how hard you try you prob will push off a little. Keep the top of your foot flat on the ground.

4. DB Alternating Bulgarian High Split Squat + Bulgarian Low Split Squat

NOTE: high/low is with the torso.

For high bulgarian, Torso stays tall, chest up, dumbbells come straight down

For the Low Bulgarian, you will hinge forward at hips, chest down, and touch the DB on the ground on wither side of the foot that is planted on ground. You will feel this one more in gluten and hamstrings

5. SS* DB Goblet Squat Walks + Squats / DB Glute Bridge (Pulsing hip abduction if you have a booty band)

NOTE: If you have a hip circle or booty band, I would use it for both these exercise to really burn the glutes.  Hold the DB like a goblet squat for the Squat Walk. Stay in a squat and step forward, and for every 5 steps you will do 5 squats.  untill you get to 20

For the DB Glute Bridge, put your heel up on a bench, place DB in you lap, and if you have a hip circle or booty band add the pulsing Abductions


DAY 4: DELTS (Dumbbell ONLY)

1. Seated Bentover DB Reverse Fly / Standing DB High Pulls (dumbbells higher than elbow)

NOTE: High Pulls similar to an upright row but instead of elbows higher than weight, the dumbbells will be high than elbows.

2. Half Kneeling DB or KB Shoulder press to Windmill press

NOTE: Watch this for the Windmill portion

You will add a shoulder press on each rep.  So press the dumbbell up, then reach down, keeping eyes on dumbbell, reach down touch palm to the ground, then back up.  As you come back you will slowly lower dumbbell back to shoulder.

3. SS* Behind Back Thumb Up Lateral Raise / Pinky Up Lateral Raise (side or body or front of body)

4. DB Hang Clean & Press

NOTE: think of it in two movements, upright row to a shoulder press.  Then I just reverse the movement on the way back down

5. DB or BB Front Raise to Upright Combo

NOTE: 1 rep = front raise and upright



1. SS* Close Grip Push-Up / Underhand Pull-Up

NOTE: on push-up keep elbows close to your body, don't let them go wide. And if you dont have a pullup bar and you can not use your door way, do underhand inverted row using kitchen table or bar.

2. SS* Alternating Cross Body Curl /Lying Tricep Skull Crusher

NOTE: Cross Body Curl, Dumbbell comes across body to opposite shoulder. Lying on bench, angle arms back at the start of the skull cruisers so that your arms and weights are not stacked on top of each other because you will lose tension.

2. SS* Seated Single Dumbbell Overhead Extension / Seated 1.5 rep Dumbbell Curls

NOTE: For the 1.5 rep curls, go up for a full rep, come all the way down, come up half way, back down = 1 rep

4. SS* Single Arm Concentration Curl (using inside of leg)/ Lying Single Arm Cross Body Extension

NOTE: For the cross body extension, starting position should be slightly across your body so that when you extend up your arm is not straight up and down because you will lose all tension in your triceps.


60 sec rest in between rounds



1. Booty Band Lateral Walks & Squats /  Booty Band Kick Backs & Diagonal Kick Backs & Adductions

NOTE: If you do not have a booty band or resistance band to put around your legs, thats okay, you can still go through this without it.

The band kick backs and diagonal kicks. You are doing 10 reps kicking leg straight back, then go 10 kicks at an angle to hit that medial glute, then 10 straight out to the side.

2. SS* DB RDL’s / DB Sumo Squat

NOTE: Keep dumbbells close to your legs the entire time, and really let your butt sink backwards. For the Sumo Squats I keep both dumbbells for added weight, plue you will get more depth by holding them horizontally. Go all the way to the ground.

3. SS* DB Jumping Squats / DB Front or Goblet Squat (heels elevated)  / Wall-sit

NOTES: Arms at your sides for the DB Jumping Squats, then either do front squat or goblet squat with your feet elevated next.  After that straight to wall-sits. Wall-sits start with weight in your hand, then drop the weight if you need to until you get 60 seconds.

4.DB Alternating Bulgarian High Split Squat + Bulgarian Low Split Squat

NOTE: high/low is with the torso.

For high bulgarian, Torso stays tall, chest up, dumbbells come straight down

For the Low Bulgarian, you will hinge forward at hips, chest down, and touch the DB on the ground on wither side of the foot that is planted on ground. You will feel this one more in glutes and hamstrings

5. Walk Lunge Lunge Squat


DAY 7: Full Body Circuit Workout

Ascending/Descending Set: 10-1, 1-10

NOTE: pick on exercise to start at 10 reps, and the other start at 1 rep.  Next set will be 9, 2. After that 8,3.....all the way until you flipflop to 1, 10.

The (45/30) are just average weights to use for guys and gals. Obviously you can go higher to challenge yourself or lower to make sure you get through all of them with decent form..

Circuit: 4 Rounds x 12 each exercise

Rest 90 sec between each

NOTE: I use the same weight for each exercsie.  So pick a weight that you will be able to do 12 Push-Presses and that is what you will use for everything else, and then use only one of the dumbbells for the goblet squat. I'm using probably 30's