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#DLBdaily Dumbbell ONLY Workouts

This is a new week of workouts for the Dumbbell Only training. Starting on 9/21 - 10/4.  You will be using this for the next two weeks.  Write down your weights, so that you can either match the week prior or go a little bit heavier.


DAY 1: CHEST (Dumbbell Only)

1. Alternating DB Incline Press

NOTE:The Alternating Incline Press you are pressing with one arm and holding dumbbell in the down (stretched) position, then switch every single time. Do 5 reps with each arm alternating, then 5-8 reps together till failure.

2. SS* Alternating Floor Fly with Floor DB Press

NOTE: layin the ground, strat with dumbbells up , come down in a fly, upper arms will lay falt on ground, fly up….once you get to the top, then swtich to a press….you just alternate back and forth from fly to press until you get 8-10 reps, which is 8-10 of each

3. SS* Flat Bench Underhand DB Press / Seated DB Underhand Front Raise (alternating or together)

NOTE: For the underhand, palms stay facing toward your face the entire time, and dumbbells can be touching the entire time as well if that helps with control.

4. Lying Flat Bench Around the Worlds

NOTE: Same as around the worlds as if you were upright.  Lay flat on bench, making full circle, thumbs will be together at the top over your head, and pinkys will be together at the bottom.

5. Front Raise to Lateral Raise Combo

DAY 2: BACK (Dumbbell Only)

This workout can completely be done with just dumbbells and pullup bar. However any exercise that you would like to change for Barbell or if you have cables to do lat pulldown, you can for sure switch things up barbell for dumbbell or pulldowns for pull-ups

1. SS* DB Pullover (2 sec hold on stretch) / Floor Superman’s with towel or broomstick Pulldown

NOTE: Superman Pulldown, lay on your stomach on the floor. Holding a towel or broomstick in your hand just like a lat pulldown, you can even do this holding nothing.  Perform a superman, bringing legs and chest up off the ground, then pulldown just like a lat pull, bring elbows down to your sides and really SQUEEEEEZE at the bottom, then extend back up, and lay everything back on the ground….that is one rep!

2. SS* Bent-over DB Low Row/ DB High Pull (elbows lower than weight

NOTE: Wide row, elbow are wide pulling up towards your shoulders instead of by your belly button for a low row. If you have lighter weights, make sure to really hold and squeeze reps, you can also slow reps down to add time under tension.

3. Single Arm Rotational Row

NOTE: Rotation Row, you will be internally rotating wrist so that they start in a overhand grip and as you row back they will rotate to an underhand grip. You can brace yourself with non-working arm, by holding on to a bench or something similar height.

4. SS* Incline DB reverse Fly / Incline DB High Row (elbows wide)

5.  Wide Grip 3 sec Negative Pull-Up


DAY 3: LEGS (Dumbbell ONLY)

Todays workout is 3 Tri-sets, one for quads, one for hamstrings, and one for glutes.  Keep rest between each tri-set to about 90 sec.

1. TS* DB Stiff Leg Deads (toes elevated) / DB Sumo Deads / Bodyweight Pulsing Sumo Squats

NOTE: Im using two dumbbells for the sumo dead, because  don’t have heavy dumbbells

2. TS* Close Stance DB Front Squat (heels elevated) /  Plyo Wide to Narrow Jump Squats / Wall-sit

NOTES: Wall-sit start with weight in your hand (whatever you used for the front squats), then drop the weight if you need to until you get 60 seconds.

3. TS* DB Bulgarian Squats w/ Pulses  / Kneeling Donkey Kicks / Kneeling Firehydrants

NOTE: I prefer to stay on the same leg for all three exercises before switching to the opposite leg.  Then you have little to no rest time for those glutes, for a reall good burn!!

For weight for the Donkey Kicks and Fire hydrants, you can either use a dumbbell and place behind your knee OR my prefered way is to use a resistance band or booty just above my knees.



1. TS* DB Hang Clean & Push Press / DB Bent-Arm Lateral Raise (external rotation) / DB Front Raise

NOTE: Bent-arm Lateral Raise is just like the machine verision where you forearms stay on the pad.  Keep Elbows at a 90 degree startgin right out in front of your with palms facing. Then external rotate your elbow up, maintaining the 90 degree in your elbow, at top your palms and forearms will face down.  Picture if you were pretending you were a chicken waving your wings.

2. TS* Incline Facing DB Lateral Raise / Incline Facing DB High Row (elbows wide) /  DB Upright Row

3. TS* Seated Arnold (slow) / Lateral Raise (Thumbs Up) / Seated or Bentover Reverse Fly (pinkys Up)

NOTE: For the Arnold press, slow the movement down and actually separate each part. Just break it down that each part of the movement.  AND for the laterals you are just doing regular lateral raise but instead of “pour out the water” with thumbs down, I want your thumbs UP.



1. SS* Close Grip DB Hex Press / Close Grip Push-Up (elbows back

2. SS* Bentover Underhand DB Row / Close Dumbbell Curl

NOTE: I place my forehead on an incline bench, keep back flat, underhand row back towards belly button. For the close dumbbell curl, I keep dumbbells touching the entire time.

3. SS* DB Alternating Iso hold Lying Tricep Extension  (skull crusher) / DB Wide Curl

NOTE: Iso hold Tricep Extension, one arm holds in flex position at the top in extension, bends and comes back up and then switch

4. SS* DB Alternating Iso hold DB Curl /  Single DB Overhead Extension

NOTE: Iso hold DB Curl, one arm holds in flex position at the top, other arm extends down and back up in to flex, then switch.

5. ABS : 4 rounds

NOTE: Froggers, start in a high plank, then jump feet to next to hands that are on the ground. Keep hands on ground the entire time, then just feet back. That is 1 rep


DAY 6: LEGS (Dumbbell ONLY)

1. SS* Booty Band Lateral Walks & Squats (BODYWEIGHT)

NOTE: If you do not have a booty band or resistance band to put above your knees, thats okay, you can still go through this without it. I would maybe add more reps and do 30 steps and 3 squats.

2. SS* Goblet Sumo Squat / Jumping Sumo squat  + Pulse Squat

NOTES: Feet slightly wider than shoulders with toes angled out for both exercises.  The jumping sumo, drop the weight, start in a squat, jump up as high as you can using your arms to swing back, land back into a squat and pulse 2 times, then jump up again,

3. SS* Elevated Foot DB Split Squat / Alternating Jumping Lunge (holding single dumbbell in goblet)

NOTE: Working leg will be up on a low bench, or step, or plate on the ground.

4. Alternating DB Squat (DB at sides) with DB Front Squat (DB up on front of shoulders)

NOTE: Start with DB at your sides, squat down, as you come up you will clean the weights up to your shoulder so by the time your are standing up the dumbbell will be sitting vertical on your shoulders (palms facing in, thumb down, pinky up).  Then squat down in front squat, once you get beck back to standing you will just drop the dumbbells back down to your sides…..and continue.  12 reps each form or 24 total reps.

5. SS* DB Bulgarian Stiff Leg Dead / Bulgarian Split Squat 

NOTE: Stay on SAME LEG for both exercise and do them back to back before switch legs!!!


DAY 7: CIRCUIT (Or Rest Day)

Ascending/Descending Set: 10-1, 1-10

NOTE: pick on exercise to start at 10 reps, and the other start at 1 rep.  Next set will be 9, 2. After that 8,3.....all the way until you flipflop to 1, 10.

20 min AMRAP

Rest 90 sec between each