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What Is DLB Daily?

You will have access into my ACTUAL daily training. These will be my exact workouts that I am doing, with exercise, sets, reps & notes. Workouts will be updated daily and kept up for 2 days. That way, if you miss the previous workout, you won't fall too far behind. Life happens and sometimes you miss a day at the gym, don’t worry you can always make it up!!

Full access to the Exercise Video Library which will show you exactly how I perform each and every exercise. Use my workouts as a guide. If you do not have a piece of equipment or you do not like doing a certain exercise, you can come here and find a variation.

Along with the exclusive content of  workouts, tips, dieting info, livestreams, q&a's, and'll also be part of the community. I wanted to start this site to build a community where everyone feels welcomed. My workouts aren't just for girls or guys, they aren't just for bodybuilder or powerlifters, they are for everyone. I often change my style and workouts for keep things exciting and new. I'll be following the #DLBDaily and responding and keeping an eye on you guys.

I'm really excited to be starting this journey with you all, with all of your participation I'm pumped to see where this grows to!


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