3/15-3/21 HOME workouts

3/15-3/21 HOME workouts

Below are this weeks HOME Bodyweight ONLY workouts.  There are 6 workouts total here for this week. They are full-body workouts. I recommend taking at least one REST DAY for recovery when you need it.  It does not have to be on Day 7, you take a recovery when your body needs it.  I will be updating exercise library with some of these bodyweight movements.

DAY 1:

BLOCK 1: 3 Rounds x 12 reps 

  • Prone Superman Pause Rep (5 second hold at top of each rep)
  • Tiger Push-up
  • Curtsy Lunge (12 reps each leg)
  • Inverted Row (use kitchen table)

Ascending/Descending Set: 8-1, 1-8

  • Lunge Lunge Squat 
  • Clapping Push Up

NOTE: Ascending Descending sets, you pick one exercise to start at 10 reps and the other starts at 1 rep.   I usually pick the one that is harder to start at 10.  Then next round you do 9 reps and 2 reps.  Next round is 8 reps and 3 reps…..and alll the up and down till you end at 1 rep and 10 reps.

BLOCK 2: 3 Rounds x 12 reps each

  • Single Leg Deadlift + Knee to Chest (10 reps per leg)
  • Wall Handstand Shoulder Taps (modification = push-up shoulder taps)
  • Kneeling Jump Squat (both knees on floor, jump to feet)
  • Lateral Lunge + Knee to Chest (10 reps per leg)



DAY 2:

BIG CIRCUIT:  3 Rounds

  •  Dolphin Push Up (10 reps) 
  •  Hollow Body Flutter Kick (50 reps)
  •  Reverse Lunge + Knee to Chest (12 reps per leg)
  •  Legs Elevated Mountain Climber (20 total) (toes on couch)
  •  Turkish Get Up (10 reps per side) (use gallon of water)
  •  Hollow Body Rock (25 reps)
  •  Low Lateral Lunge Shuffle (50 reps) (stay low the entire time)
  •  Spiderman Push Up (12 reps)
  •  Sit Up (50 reps)

90 sec rest in between rounds



BLOCK 1: 3 Circuits 12 reps each

  • Bird Dogs (Simultaneously extend left arm, right leg then right arm, left leg)
  • Lateral Lunge + Knee to Chest   
  • Inverted Row (use kitchen table)
  • Inchworm push ups
  • Bulgarian Squat Jump 

Rest 90 sec between each

NOTE: Inchworm push-ups. Start in pike position, walk your hands out to plank, do single pushup, walk hands back into pike, do a shoulder push up…walk back to plank, do push…etc

BLOCK 2: 3 Circuits 12 reps each

  • V-Up 
  • Squat Press or Thruster (find something heavy to press overhead--get creative!)
  • Dolphin + Close Grip Push Up
  • Side Plank + Arm Extended+ Knee to Chest  Extend (12 reps per side)


DAY 4:

BIG CIRCUIT: 3 Rounds x 12 each

  •  Leg Lift + Hip Lift
  • Duffle Bag Bentover Row + Deadlift (fill duffle with heavy stuff grab by double handles
  • Elevated Mountain Climber (elbow to knee - 12 per side)
  • Jumping Reverse Lunge Squat Lunge
  • Wide to Narrow Push-up
  • Side Plank + Elbow to Knee (12 per side)
  • Skater Jumps
  • Pike Push Up (10 reps then 10 seconds rest)
  • Hollow Body Knee Tucks

90 sec rest in between rounds


DAY 5:

4 Min HIIT: 20sec ON 10sec OFF

  • Spiderman Push-up
  • Squat Jumps

NOTE: You are going non-stop for 4 mins straight. First 20 sec is Explosive Push-up, then 10 sec off, basically to get ready for the next 20 seconds which is Squat Jump.  Then off for 10 then back to explosive push-ups. Its only 20 seconds so you are doing as many as you can do!

CIRCUIT: 3-4 ROUNDS 15 reps each

  • Hover Lunge Switches (15 reps per leg)
  • Superman Push Up
  • Single Leg Glute Bridge (15 reps per leg)
  • Half Kneeling Windmill Press (15 per) - get creative for weight (gallon jug)
  • Inverted Row (use kitchen table)
Mobility: 30 reps
  • Deep Squat w/Arms Overhead (lower down for 5 seconds per rep)




Lower Body Circuit: 3 Rounds

  • 12 Assisted Pistol Squat (sit on couch and stand up) (12 each leg)
  • 12 Single Leg Deadlift (12 each leg)
  • 12 Single Leg Glute Bridge (12 each side)
  • 20 Wide to Narrow Jumping Squats

90 sec rest in between rounds

Upper Body Circuit: 3 rounds x 12 reps each exercise

  • Inch Worm Push-Up (walk out, pushup, walk back to toes = 1 rep)
  • Inverted Row
  • Pike Push-Up
  • Half Kneeling Gallon Concentration Curl (12 each arm)
  • Diamond Push-Up

90 sec rest in between rounds

Core Circuit: 3 rounds 12-15 for each exercise

  • Hollow Body Knee Tuck
  • V-Up Toe Toch
  • Lying Heel Touches

90 sec rest in between rounds


DAY 7: Recovery Day