3/15-3/21 DUMBBELL workouts

3/15-3/21 DUMBBELL workouts

3/15: CHEST

1. Explosive Dumbbell Tap Push-up

  •  3 x 10

NOTE: Place two dumbbells upright in front of you where you will be doing push-ups.  Obviously the bigger the dumbbell the taller they will be.  So start small.  You will be doing an explosive push-up, meaning your hands will leave the ground.  You will push-up very hard, and just tap with your finger tips on top of the dumbbell and then land back into a push up.  

Feel free to modify and start on you knees first.

2. SS* Slight Decline DB Rotational Press / Decline DB Fly (pinky together)

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 10-12

NOTE: Just Put a Couple Plates under your flat bench to create the slight decline.  You will put your feet up on the bench to keep your back completely flat instead of arching.  

3. SS* Incline DB Hex Press / Incline Fly-Press

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 10-12

NOTE: The Squeeze Press Dumbbells are in neutral position and touching the entire time, really squeezing them together to get that deep contraction.

Incline Fly-Press, you will start at the top with arms straight, dumbbells together.  You will then start and slowly lower dumbbells to your side while bending your arms, squeezing should blades together until your chest in stretched and your elbows at 90.  Reverse back up, contracting chest until arms are straight at the top

4. Standing Single Arm Underhand Low to High Cross-body Fly

  •  3 x 10-12

NOTE: Lots of words but that is exactly what it is. Stand with one dumbbell in one of your hands at your side.  Slowly raise dumbbell, with palm facing up, from that low position, coming up and across the midline of your body

5. SS* Floor DB Press / Deficit Push-up

  •  4 x 8-10
  • 4 x fail

NOTE: hands will be at 10 and 2, so elbows slightly down.


3/16: BACK 

1. WARMUP: SS* Resistance Band Straight Arm Pulldown / Resistance High Pull / Resistance Band Low Pull

  •  3 x 12-15 
  •  3 x 12-15

2. Wide Grip Pull-Up 

  •  4 x 10-12

NOTE: Use a Band for asistance if needed.

3. SS* Invert Bodyweight Row (overhand and wide grip) / DB Pullover

  •  4 x 10-12 
  •  4 x 10-12

4. SS* Bent-over Dual DB Low Row (pull to hip)  / DB High Pull

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 8-10

NOTE: For the Bentover Low Row, elbows come back and you are pulling towards your hip crease.  And the High Pull, similar to an upright row, except at the top the weight will be higher than your elbow.  In an upright row, your elbows are higher then the weight.

5. SS* Reverse Incline DB Facepull (W-Raise) / Reverse Incline Wide Row

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 8-10

6. Elevated Plank Underhand Row

  •  4 x 10-12 each arm


3/17: LEGS 

1. 5 Sec Negative Squats (barbell or DB)

  •  4 x 10/8/6/6

NOTE: You will probably have a warmup set or two to get to your first working set of 10.  As reps going down try to increase the weight.  Its a 5 sec count down 1-2 sec up.

2. DB or Barbell Wide Step Walking Lunges 

  •  4 x 20 steps (10 per)

NOTE: Instead of stepping straight forward, you will take a step out slightly diagonal

3. SS* DB Goblet Squat / DB RDL

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 10-12

4. SS* DB Deficit Reverse Lunge / DB Deficit Pulsing Split Squat 

  •  4 x 12
  •  4 x 30 sec per side


5. SS* Banded Butterfly Glute Bridge with DB on lap / Frog Reverse Hypers

  •  4 x 15
  •  4 x 15


3/18: DELTS 

 1. DB Lateral Raise

  •  50 / 40/ 30/ 20/ 10 drop 10 / 10 drop 10

NOTE: (add weight to each different set)

For your first set at 50 reps, pick a weight that you can do about 30-35 reps in a row.  Then the last 15-20 should be very challenging where you can only get 3-5 reps at a time.  Then every time reps go down, you need to add weight.  Challenge yourself with this!

For reference I usually start with 10-15lbs…then every set I go up 5-10 lbs pr dumbbell.  I will also try to go up on the second drop set 10 drop 10.

2. SS* Arnold Press / 90 degree Bent Arm Shoulder Press

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4  x 10-12

3. SS* Incline Facing DB Facepulls / Incline Reverse Fly

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 10-12


4. SS* Half Kneeling DB or KB Shoulder press to Windmill / Half Kneel Lateral Raise

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 10-12

5. DB Front Raise to Hang Clean Press COMBO

  •  3 x 6-8 (1 rep =  front raise + clean and press)


3/19: ARMS/ABS

1. SS* Leaning Bodyweight Skull Crusher / Underhand Inverted Row 

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 10-12

2. SS* Bentover Underhand DB Row / Alternating Cross-body Hammer Curl

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 10 (each arm)

NOTE: I place my forehead on an incline bench, keep back flat, underhand row back towards belly button.

3. SS* DB Close/Neutral Grip Bench Press / Close Grip Push-ups (elbows back)

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x fail (aim for at least 8)

4. SS* Seated incline DB Curl /  Seated Incline DB Overhead Extension

  •  4 x 10 (each arm)
  •  4 x 10-12

NOTE: You can do the curls either alternating or at the same time. Up to you.  Or even a mixture of both. The Overhead extension

5.  CORE: 3 Round of 30 sec each

  • Crab Toe Touch
  • Alternating Single Leg Jackknife
  • Low Plank + Alternating Knee to Elbow 
  • Hollow Body Flutters

 60 sec rest in between rounds


3/20: LEGS 

1. TS* Booty Blaster:

  • Banded Sitting Hip Abductions ( 20 reps)
  • Banded Donkey Kicks (12-15 reps each leg)
  • Banded Curtsy Lunge (12-15 reps each leg)



2. TS* DB Stiff Leg Dead / DB Sumo Squat (elevated) / Jumping Sumo squat  + 2 Pulse Squat

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 12 jumps with 2 pulses on each squat

NOTES: Feet slightly wider than shoulders with toes angled out for both exercises.  The jumping sumo, drop the weight, start in a squat, jump up as high as you can using your arms to swing back, land back into a squat and pulse 2 times, then jump up again.

3. SS* DB Lateral Lunge + Knee to Chest 

  •    3 x 12

NOTE: push back hard, pause with knee to chest for stability


4. Heels Elevated Alternating DB Squat (DB at sides) with DB Front Squat (DB up on front of shoulders)

  •  4 x 12 each (24 total squats)

NOTE: Start with DB at your sides, squat down, as you come up you will clean the weights up to your shoulder so by the time your are standing up the dumbbell will be sitting vertical on your shoulders (palms facing in, thumb down, pinky up).  Then squat down in front squat, once you get beck back to standing you will just drop the dumbbells back down to your sides…..and continue.  12 reps each form or 24 total reps.



5. SS* DB Single Leg Deadlift / Jumping Bulgarian Split Squat

  •  4 x 12-15
  •  4 x 12-15

NOTE: No weight needed on the jumping bulgarian squats


3/21: HITT or REST DAY

4 Min HIIT: 20sec ON 10sec OFF

  • Explosive Push-Up (hands leave the ground)
  • Squat Jumps

NOTE: You are going non-stop for 4 mins straight. First 20 sec is Explosive Push-Ups, then 10 sec off, basically to get ready for the next 20 seconds which is Squat Jumps.  Go hard for 20sec, then off for 10 then back to push-ups. Basically 5 round of each.

20 min AMRAP

  • 20 DB Thrusters (45/30)
  • 20 DB Bentover Row (45/30) OR Inverted Row
  • 20 DB Swings (45/30) OR KB Swing (55/40)

Rest 90 sec between each

NOTE: If doing Dumbbell Swings, you use two dumbbells and hold on the outside of your legs.  KB Swings is only a single kettlebell and between your legs.

CORE: 3 Rounds x 30 sec each

  • Toe Touch
  • Hollow Body Reverse Curl
  • Low Plank + Knee to Elbow 
  • Hollow Body Arm Flutters


REST 60 secs between each round