10/18 - 10/24 GYM workouts

10/18 - 10/24 GYM workouts

10/18: CHEST (hint of delts)

1.SS* Reverse Cable Rear Delt FlyCable chest fly (pinkys together) / Cable Chest Press

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x fail

NOTE: Position the pulleys about the height of your head. You will go from a reverse fly, flip around to a chest chest fly 8-12 reps and then go right into presses till failure. Keep elbows slightly bent and rotate wrists so that pinkys are together  at peak contraction for flys. Keep the same weight because you will be adding your triceps in for the presses.

2. SS* DB Incline Bench / Alternating DB Reverse Incline Y-Raise & Reverse Incline Lateral Raise

  •  4 x 6-8
  •  4 x 8-10 (1 rep = front raise and lateral raise)

NOTE: High Incline is just the degree of the bench, which will be higher than normal. You are facing the bench for the the reverse incline front raise and lateral - chest support. alternating back and forth between front a d lateral.

3. SS* DB Key Press ( on a slight decline) / DB High Pull

  •  4 x 10/8/6/6
  •  4 x 12/10/8/8

NOTE: Just put a plate or two under the side of the bench where your feet will be to elevate about 4-5 inches.  High pull is different than an upright. The weight will be higher than your elbows.

4. SS* Incline cable fly / Standing Cable Shoulder Press / Decline Push-up (feet up)

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 8-10
  •  4 x fail

NOTE: Feel free to do a DB or a machine shoulder press if available.  I have it with a cable because public gyms are impossible to super set different machines.


10/19: BACK

1. Wide Grip Pull-up

  • 3 x 10-12

NOTE: Use a band for assistance if needed.

2. Single Arm DB Row

  •  4 x 12/10/8/6

3. SS* Wide Grip Pulldown / Close Underhand Grip Pulldown

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 10-12

4. SS* Reverse Incline DB Row / Chest Support Rear Delt T-Raise

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 10-12

NOTE: Reverse incline rear delt T raise is basically a reverse fly but try and keep your arms straight instead of slightly bent

5. Neutral Wide Grip Seated Cable Row

  •  4 x 12/10/8 drop 10 /8 drop 10

NOTE: Elbows out wide horizontally instead of low and tucked.

6. SS* Rope Cable High Pulley Underhand Row / Rope Standing or Lying Facepulls

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 10-12

NOTE: Pulling under your chest while rotating your wrist (palm facing up) for the High Pulley Row


10/20: LEGS

1. Hack Squat (power squat or Hack Sled)

  •  4 x 12

NOTES: as heavy as you can for 12 reps.  You should be failing on the 12th rep.

2. Leg Press

  •  4 x 25 ( drop set on last set to absolute failure)

NOTE: feet in the middle of platform with toes slightly pointed out. Again you are going as heavy as you can for 25 reps.  I dont want you to be able to get all 25 in a row.  Use rest/pause to get out the last 10 or so reps. For the drop set I drop weight about in half and go until I can not go anymore.

3. Goblet Squat (heels elevated)

  •  4 x 15

4. DB or BB Walking Lunges

  •  3 x 20

5. *DB Stiff Leg Deads (Toes elevated)

  • 4 x 12

6. SS* Leg Curl / Seated Calf Raise

  • 4 x 12
  • 4 x 20


10/21: DELTS

1.  Strict Barbell Standing Shoulder Press

  •  4 x 12/10/8/6 drop 10

NOTE: You can use DB or even a smith machine for this.

2. TS* DB Rear Delt Fly / Lying Cable Rope Facepull / Cable Rope Wide Row

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4 x fail

NOTE: The lying rope facepull you lie on the ground with the pulley higher, pull above your head, with thumbs turned back, like a front bicep.  When you fatigue, you will then switch to a wide row.  Pull towards your collar bone with elbows wide.

3. SS* Alternating Single Arm DB Lateral Raise (with static hold) / Resistance Band Pulsing Lateral Raise \

  •  4 x 5-6 alternating 6-8 together
  •  4 x failure

 NOTE: You are doing a static hold at the top of the movement with Right arm, left arm goes down =, raise back up the holds, while other arm now switches.

3. SS* Landmine Single Arm Shoulder Press*  / Alternating Single Arm DB Bent Arm Front Raise (with static hold)

  • 4 x 10/8/6/6
  • 4 x 5-6 alternating 6-8 together

Landmine Shoulder Press:


NOTE: Static Hold Front Raise: R arm front raise while L arm static hold at top at peak contraction; Alternate each rep.

4.  Lateral Raise Machine

  •  3 x 40 (random drops - first set maybe start a little lighter and do more reps before dropping.  Just keep track of your reps and drop as many times as you need to get to 40)

5. SS* Standing Cable Rope Front Y Raise / Cable Rope  Upright Row

  •  4 x 8-10
  •  4 x 10-12



10/22: ARMS/ABS (DTP)

1. SS* Close Grip Chest Press / Underhand Close Grip Pulldown

  •  40/30/20/10/5

NOTE: Complete 40 reps of the first exercise and immediately after 40 reps of the second exercise. Rest. Then 30 reps…20 reps…10… till you get down to 5 reps of both. Add weight as the reps down.

2. SS* Tricep Cable Rope Overhead Extension / Cable Rope Hammer Curl

  •  10/20/30/40/50

NOTE: Complete 10 reps of the first exercise and immediately after 50 reps of the second exercise. Rest. Then 20 reps…30 reps and so on till you get down to 50 reps of both. Decreasing weight as the reps up.

3. SS* DB Wide Curl / Lying DB Skull Crushers

  •  50/40/30/20/10

4. SS* Cable Straight Bar Curl / Cable Straight Bar Pushdown (video is using vbar)

  •  10/20/30/40/50

5. Core Circuit: 3 Rounds x 12-15 each

10/23: LEGS

1. SS* Heel Elevated Safety Squat or Front Squat /  Partial Rep Pulsing Goblet Squats (heel elevated)

  • 4 x 8
  • 4 x 30 sec or 15-20 reps

NOTE: You will need probably at least two warm up sets for the SSB Squats or Front squats to get to your working set of 8. The Goblet partial reps are just 1/2 rep pulsing reps.  You do not come up to full extension. This should burn!

2. Alternating Trap Bar RDL to Trap Bar Deadlift

  •  4 x 8-10

NOTE: Use the same weight, you will be alternating back and forth between romanian deadlift and trap bar squat.  Romanian you will hinge at hips, touch weight to the ground, then push hips forward at the top.  As soon as you get to the top you will bend your knees and squat (technically a deadlift) down touch weight to ground and extend knees back up.  1 rep = 1 of each

3. Reverse Hack Squat

  •  3 x 10
  •  1 x 30 rep cluster set (10 reps, rest 20 sec, 10 reps, rest 20, 10 reps)

4. SS* Side Seated Single Leg Press / Jumping Altering Lunge

  •  3 x 10-12 each leg
  •  3 x 30 sec or 20 reps

5. Leg Extension (3/4 rep)

  •  10 x 10 (10 sec rest between each)

NOTE: This set is leg extensions and German Volume Training, which is basically 10 sets of 10 reps for a total of 100 reps. But, I also threw in a brutal twist. You only get 10 seconds of rest between sets.

Leg extensions are a basic quad exercise, but doing them for 100 reps with hardly any rest will leave your lungs burning and your quads wondering what hit them. While you're going through the reps, you're going to hurt. Power through and keep the rest to an honest 10 seconds—not a slow 10-count that takes 30 seconds.

These are also only 3/4 rep, so you will do the top 3/4 of the rep.

6. Seated or Lying Leg Curl

  •  10 x 10 (10 sec rest between each)

NOTE: Same as the Extensions


10/24: HIIT/CORE (or REST DAY)


  •  Dynamic Stretching
  •  1 mile run under 10mins

7 min AMRAP:

Rest 2 mins then move to next 7 min AMRAP

7 min AMRAP:

  •  12 KB Swings (60/45)
  •  7 Hanging Knee to Elbow

Rest 5 mins then move to the 16 min circuit

15 Min AMRAP or 5 Rounds:

NOTES: the numbers in (parentheses) are estimates for guys/girls. Obviously choose your weight accordingly.