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FASTER | DAY 9: Elevation Running

May 26, 2020

FASTER | DAY 9: Elevation Running

MAY 19, 2020 | TUESDAY

WARM UP (demonstrated in today's video)
  • Bent Over Int/Ext Shoulder Shakes 
  • Torso Rotation
  • Forward Fold Bounce
  • Downward Dog + Runners Lunge
  • Knee Tuck + SL Quad Stretch Reach 
  • Leg Cradle 
  • SL DL Reach + Quick Knee Raise 
  • B Skip
  • Broad Jump + Alt. Rotational Lunge

    (1.5 mile trail / 700 ft gain)
    5-1 MIN. SPRINTS
    1 minute sprint ending in an uphill section. Try to start so that the first 30 seconds of the sprint are on flat, and the last 30 seconds are up hill. Complete your 60 second Sprint at a  10/10 pace and Jog back to the start.  IF you need to walk back make sure you walk with larger strides.
    Cool down .5 mile Jog


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