March 02, 2017


Leg day!!! And I did a complete voice over the entire workout explaining the exercises, the set and rep ranges, and even specifics on why I chose the exercises and how they benefit me. Hopefully this gives you some ideas or just some inspiration for your next leg day!!!

The workout:

  1. Safety Bar Squat 5x5
  2. Safety Bar PAUSE Squats 3x3

Drop the weight by a little, when you get to the bottom of your squat, be sure to stop and sit there and count 2-3 second Full Mississippi count. Dont cheat yourself and count fast!


  1. Straight Leg Dead Lift 5x8-10
  2. Hyperextensions 5x failure


Try adding weight each set till you are failing around 8. Go to failure on the bench hyperextensions and really focusing on pulling with you glutes and hammies. 


  1. Walking barbell Lunges 4x40 steps

Long steps focus on hamstring and glutes and short steps focus more on quads. Either way, this is my favorite most hated exercises for legs. #death


  1. Vertical Leg Press 5x10

I understand a lot of gyms do not have this piece of equipment. However, I used to do these using a smith machine. Just make sure you practice locking and unlocking the weight. I also would put a yoga mat under my back and tailbone for a little cushion. OR just use a leg press that I would hope that all gym have and keep your feet high up on the foot plate to put greater emphasis on hamstrings and glutes much like the vertical leg press


  1. Leg Extensions 1x100
  2. Hamstring Curl 1x100


So the last 2 exercise I do separately each with 100 reps total. That means sitting on the machine and not getting up to you reach 100. As for choosing a weight, find a weight that is obviously easy. You should be able to do about 40reps then the last 50-60 you may only get 10 at a time and then towards the end 5 at a time. Resting only for 5-10seconds before pumping out a couple more. Great way to finish off your legs and make it impossible to sit down!!