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DLB's Upper Body Circuit

March 09, 2017

DLB's Upper Body Circuit

I was a little pressed for time today but wanted to do something that would give me a good pump in a short amount of time. So I threw together an upper body circuit that was compromised of 3 big sets. You'll notice I actually did two variations for the clean and press. One single arm dumbbell version and one barbell version. These are a great combination movements that target a lot of muscles in one movement. You'll hit your shoulders, chest, traps, and triceps all in one movement. Compound movements like this are a great way to keep your heart rate up and really tax your body. I managed to get through this entire workout in just under 40 mins. Give it a whirl on the next day you are crunched for time. I understand not everyone has a huge tire sitting out back, so choose something similar that will tax your whole body at once, maybe a dead lift or thrusters.

The workout:

Big set #1:
1. DB Lateral Raise 4x15
2. DB alternating front raise 4x15
3. Single arm DB clean & press 4x15

4 rounds of 15 with no break in between each exercise. Rest about 45 seconds in between each round.

Big set #2
1. Pull-ups 4xfailure
2. Lat pulldowns 4x10x10

4 rounds. Pull-ups I just do as many as I can, then go straight to pull-downs for about 10reps then do a drop set and pump out 10 more reps. Rest about 45-60secs in between each round.

Big set #3
1. Barbell clean & press 4x15
2. Tire Flip 4x10

4 rounds starting with the clean & press to 15 reps then hop right over to the tire to gunshots your entire body off with 10 total flips. Make sure to really squat down and use your legs.

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