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1st Mrs Olympia Physique

December 31, 2013

2013 was the year all my hard work in the fitness industry paid off! Words cannot explain how amazing it felt, and still feels, to be awarded the FIRST EVER Mrs. Olympia Physique title. So much work and support from so many people led to that special moment where they called my name...

“And the winner of the first Mrs. Olympia Physique is...Dana Linn Bailey!”  



  • 2011 Jr. USA’s – 1st place and Overall (earned pro card)

  • 2012 Desert Muscle Classic – 4th place

  • 2012 NY Pro – 16th

  • 2013 Tampa Pro – 2nd place

  • 2013 Dallas Europa – 1st place (Olympia qualification!!)

  • 2013 Olympia – 1st place

  • 2014 Olympia - 2nd place

Checkout my Youtube channel <insert link> to watch all of the videos from my journey to both Olympia competitions. Below is from Olympia in 2014.

I'm blown away by all of the amazing people and experiences that I have enjoyed. In the end it was my fans who kept me going through all of it.

I plan to continue doing BIG THINGS so stay tuned!!

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