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Competing at the Arnold | Dana Linn Bailey

March 13, 2018

Competing at the Arnold | Dana Linn Bailey

Well I can’t say that I am super happy about my performance, but Im not really upset. I guess you could call it a good instead of great, which I always strive for great.  I went 7/9 with an 877 total and a 440 wilkes at 133lb body weight.  I missed my 3rd attempts in squat and deads so I got credited with my 2nd attempts which were slightly under my 3rd attempts at Raw Nationals. Although my squats and deads were not my all-time best, I did however hit a 12lb meet PR of 126 on bench. So obviously super excited to hit that in a meet and also save my mood.

But this is the sport of powerlifting.  You either lift the weight or you don’t. No excuses can be made.  You can’t blame judges.  You can only blame yourself.  So today I just wasn’t my best.

I go into every meet with the intent to win (not necessary win the meet, but hit all my PR’s).  I train hard and take things very serious, sometimes too serious, so it is always very disappointing when you don’t perform your best when it matters the most, on the platform. So I obviously have a lot to work on.  I want more and I am definitely capable of more.  Losing isn’t always a bad thing, it can make you better.  If everything went as planned, then yo think you did everything right and you don't analyze your entire preparation.  So yes, time to analyze, time to perfect form, time to get stronger, time to be better.

What’s next, not sure, but you better know I will be better. Progress isn’t about being better than someone else…It’s about being better than you used to be.



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