Back Day | Full Workout

April 27, 2017

Back Day | Full Workout

      Back day!!! The hardest part about back day, at least for me, is choosing exercises.  There are way to many different exercises, different handles, different bar attachments, machines or free weights, and I love all of them…So how do you choose?  Well I just simply try to do as many as I can in one workout, lol. Because why not? I like them all!!  I’m not going to even explain anything, because the video explains everything in probably way to much weird information.  Below is the full workout, watch the video for more explanation and reasons why I do the things I do.  Enjoy and share with your buddies that also like to do gym things.

The workout:

 1.  Straight arm pull down 5x10-12

      Seated cable row (back upright) 5x10

      Seated cable row (lean forward) 5x10

 *drop weight just about in half for the leaning rows


 2.  Wagon wheel deadlifts (or rack pulls) 5x10-15 @75% of 1RM


 3.  Front wide grip pull downs 5x10

      Behind the neck pull downs 5x10

      Close grip front pull downs  5x10

*drop weight as you need to, I usually drop a little bit with each change 

 4.  Bent over barbell row 5x10

      Modified (lying) pull-ups 5xfail


 5.  Prime Fitness Extreme Row 4 x extreme sets (= lots of reps)

* explanation of extreme sets in detail in video.  Most gyms do not have this awesome piece. To replicate the movement you can do DB rows leaning on an inclined bench instead and maybe add drop sets for full effect.