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6/3: LEGS (QUAD focus)

June 03, 2020 3 Comments

6/3: LEGS (QUAD focus)

6/3: LEGS (QUAD focus)


Leg Extension (Jose Raymond 45’s)

  •  2-3 x 45 (15 top / 15 bottom/ 15 full ROM - first 5 of these hold at the top)

NOTE:Think of these like 21’s…except instead of doing 7 of each you are doing 15 pulsing reps

For the 15 FULL ROM reps, the first 5 are regular, next 5 Are HOLDS with a 2 sec. HOLD at the top, last 5 just rep out!

1. Squats

  •  4 x 8-10 @ 60-65%

NOTE: You will have several warmup sets to get to your first working set at 60%.  Try to add weight for each set.  It can be as small as 5lbs.

2. Walking (or Standing Reverse) Front Rack LUNGE LUNGE SQUAT

  •  4 x 10 (1 rep = lunge right lunge left and squat )

NOTE: You can do this walking forward or stay stationary and you could do a reverse lunge instead.  If you have bad knees, I would recommend doing Reverse Lunges instead.Takes a lot of pressure and forward momentum off your work knee.

3. SS* Goblet Squat (heels elevated) /Wide to Narrow Jump Squats

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 20-30 sec

4. SS* Single Leg Extension / Bulgarian 1.5 Rep / BW Jumping Bulgarian

  •  3 x 10-12
  •  3 x 8-10
  •  3 x 10- 12

NOTE: Stay on same leg for all 3 exercises, before switching.

5. SS* Leg Curl / Leg Press (feet high /wide)

  •  4 x 10-12
  •  4 x 12-15

NOTE: Lighten up the load on the leg press and make sure you are do full range.  No "knee presses"! Full range of motion.


3 Responses

Bess Fredette
Bess Fredette

June 11, 2020

Gurl- you are badass! Love the videos!

Jenae Frick
Jenae Frick

June 04, 2020

This is my first time watching you and I watched the WHOLE VIDEO!! I absolutely loved this workout vid!!!! Thank you for sharing so much education and also ur sense of humor cracked me up! I’m definitely coming back for more!!

Michele D.Riley
Michele D.Riley

June 03, 2020

💪💜💪Love Yu Girl. I been watching Yu for over a Year, ( NOT IN A CREEPY WAY LOL ) Any way I been watching All your Videos and Learning a lot, by the way I Love working out to your Husband’s Songs! They all Keep me So MOTIVATED💪💦I’M REALLY THINKING OF joining so Yu can Train me,, I love the Shuldrrs💪💜That is my Goal,🙏💦Also just want to get Stronger by the day,, I’m over 50 yrs young ,, been very active & in & our of the Gym UNTILL I broke my Fumer in 3 places 😢 BUT IM BACK With Rod.Screws.Plates in my leg,I’m on disability make very little per month.that’s why I really have to think of the $ I know 7.bucks is A Great price! Any way I just wanted Yu to know I love the ENERGY& Yu are the hole PAKAGE, I’m in Instagram Make_dreams_reality
Manly I just wanted to introduce my self & tell Yu Yu & Rob are my INSPIRATION, my hubbys name is Rob too lol he is on Dialysis, So I Pray I can join soon so Yu can be my trainer! I follow few Girls but ,,Yu know what I would Rather have a AMERICAN ,Not that I’m prejudiced, but I would Rather see & Support another American🙏💦Keep on Inspiring me. Stay safe & hope to talk soon!!
Sincerely Michele Dente – Riley💪💜💪💜💪💜💪💜💪💜💪💜💪
Oh ps,, my gym don’t open for Another t weeks,😢 Live in Marble.NC they keep pushing it back
Thank God when we got our stimulus money I was able to buy a bench couple of dumbbells barbell some plates and bands one more thing I do need some nice support so can you recommend I know you have your own line or you were talking about where you get your knee. Sleeves I need them desperately!!! thank you so much for all you do .God bless you and Rob🙏💦✌👍

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