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5/21: DELTS (Dumbbell Only)

May 21, 2020 1 Comment

5/21: DELTS (Dumbbell Only)

5/21: DELTS (Dumbbell Only)

1. DB Lateral Raise

  •  50 / 40/ 30/ 20/ 10 drop 10 / 10 drop 10 (add weight to each different set)

NOTE: For your first set at 50 reps, pick a weight that you can do about 30-35 reps in a row.  Then the last 15-20 should be very challenging where you can only get 3-5 reps at a time.  Then every time reps go down, you need to add weight.  Challenge yourself with this!

For reference I usually start with 10-15lbs…then every set I go up 5-10 lbs pr dumbbell.  I will also try to go up on the second drop set 10 drop 10.

2. SS* Cuban Press / 90 degree Bent Arm Shoulder Press

  •  4 x 12/10/8/8
  •  4  x 12/10/8/8

NOTE: Make sure to watch this one in the video!!

Hold DB by sides palms facing back. Lift arms with elbows bent to 90degrees and weights hanging down. External rotate  arms so that hands point up, keeping upper arm horizontal.  Press DB directly overhead.  Then Reverse, and start over.

3. SS* Incline Facing DB Facepulls with External Rotation/ Incline Reverse Fly

  •  4 x 10
  •  4 x 10

NOTE: DB Face Pulls with External Rotation

4. SS* Half Kneeling DB or KB Shoulder press to Windmill / Half Kneel Lateral Raise

  •  4 x 12

NOTE: Watch video for this one!!!

You will add a shoulder press on each rep.  So press the dumbbell up, then reach down, keeping eyes on dumbbell, reach down touch palm to the ground, then back up.  As you come back you will slowly lower dumbbell back to shoulder.

5. DB Front Raise to Hang Clean Press COMBO

3 x 8-10 (1 rep =  front raise and clean & press)

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Erika Jurkowski
Erika Jurkowski

May 23, 2020

Still the GOAT!

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