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July 08, 2020



Warm-Up (Glute Activation): 3 rounds 20 of each

  •  Banded Lateral Walks/Squats  (5 left /5 right, 5 squats….)
  •  Banded Frog Reverse Hypers
  •  Banded Glute Bridge Abductions

NOTE: Use a booty band, a hip circle or resistance looped just above your knees.  We are gonna activate out glutes first and fire them up for the rest of your workout.

1. Reverse Hack Squat

  •  2 x warmups
  •  4 x 6-8

NOTE: Really let your butt drift back and push from gluten and hamstrings, then extend hips forward and squeeze.

2. Barbell Hip Thrust

  •  4 x 8-10

NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THIS VIDEO, it will be out later today!!!! I GO OVER A VERY IMPORTANT TIP ON THIS ONE!  The key tip here will be to keep your head and chest still and do not rock!

3. SS* Sprinter Bulgarian Squat / Band Kick Backs

  •  4 x 12-15
  •  4 x 12-15

NOTE: Do BOTH exercises before switching legs! Sprinter Bulgarians you are hinged forward, chest down, and dumbbells come down and touch on each side of foot.

4. SS* DB or Barbell Stiff Leg Deads / Hyperextensions

  •  4 x 12
  •  4 x 20

NOTE: Do BOTH exercise before switching legs! You are letting the bar or dumbbell drift out to your toes for the stiff leg dead.  Then also make sure you watch the video for doing the hyperextensions correctly.  You want to ROUND your back for the whole movement!!!  It will make a huge difference.

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